We Do This. We Don't Talk

This camp, witty and fragile solo, created on Finnish dancer Samuli Emery in 2017, is the result of my continuing fascination with the idea of presenting a dancer's personality through a movement performance. After hours exploring ways of introducing a most authentic Samuli to an audience, we eventually decided to do the opposite. We Do This. We Don't Talk is thus gloriously fake and over the top. A real person can be found in the cracks of the identity that we present to everyone around us. In an age of meticulously crafted online personas, this solo celebrates the unique honesty of dance performance.

We Do This. We Don't Talk. was given 2nd place performance prize and residence prize at the Stuttgart International Solo Dance Festival in 2017. It also won the audience prize at Gdanski festiwal tanca in Poland later in the same year.

This work will tour Germany in November 2017 (information on dates and tickets to come) and continue to be performed internationally in years to come!

CLIP: https://vimeo.com/209465279

© 2017 by Barnaby Booth.

Photos unless otherwise stated by Joan Aguilà Cuevas