The world of Loyal Prophets to an Indifferent God is the world that one creates in their head. Full of ever-moving seas of thought, imagination, memories and conversations that could have happened, it is the one that often rejects us as its creator but the one that stands by us, helping us solve our own world, so that we can carry on through it.  


“God does not really mean the world literally. It is a metaphor, an
analogy, a firgure of speech that he has to resort to for some reason or
another. And it never satisfies him of course.”

Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities

Created with Joan Aguilà Cuevas, Giorgia Gasparetto, Lola Lefevre, Elise Ludinard, András Meszerics, Azahara Sanz Jara, Eftychia Stefanou.

Length: 23 minutes (full version)

Sound: Complied by Barnaby Booth, containing work by Odetta, Arcade
Fire, Martin Phipps and original music by Donald Beteille.

Mentoring: Sita Ostheimer, Milla Koistinen, Neta Pulvermacher

Originally created for the New Faces New Dances Festival in Salzburg, Loyal Prophets will continue to be developed in Austria and abroad in 2018. Exciting news to follow soon.

© 2017 by Barnaby Booth.

Photos unless otherwise stated by Joan Aguilà Cuevas