"Look at How a Single Candle can both defy and define the darkness"


Anne Frank



Using a moving torch as its only light source, How to Read a Dark Screen highlights the power of what is half seen and shines a light (literally) on who people become in a blackout. When lit, a person is seen. They are their persona. In the darkness, left with one's own thoughts, is a person closer to their true self? 

In October 2015 How to Read a Dark Screen was performed at The Car-riageworks Main Theatre in Leeds, UK, to five sold-out audiences. This was followed in early 2016 with a performance at Pitch Festival, in Eastleigh,  England. Since commencing my studies away from the UK, I have been keen to bring this work to international audiences and will do so for the first time at FLUX festival, in Rotterdam in October 2017.



Current Performers: Paul Davies, Ripp Greatbatch, Tora Hed, Lewys Holt, Tiia Ojala, Riccardo Pereira, Sophie Thorpe

Previous Performers: Zoe Bradly, Christian Brinklow,

Leah Naemi Buechtemann, Martina Gambardella, Edward Jeffreys, Yara Mennel, Alice Shepperson, Matilde Torres Laborde, Lia Ujčič

This work has been performed with many casts, and with each performer it moves through, it evolves. The same is true of the space it is performed in. How To Read a Dark Screen re-lights the space it happens to be in, showing it from a different perspective. Not only is the work adapt-able to unusual settings, but the setting itself often seems to reshape under shadows of the work.”

Photography: Lizzie Coombes 

© 2017 by Barnaby Booth.

Photos unless otherwise stated by Joan Aguilà Cuevas