Spring Lighting. Summer Choreography.

As winter moves in to spring, I continue to wear three layers of clothing everywhere I go because that's a style decision I made when I was 15 and I am not turning back.

After a brilliant couple of months production managing for Kelly-Abbott Dance Theatre on their tour of the UK and Ireland, I have continued straight on the road with DeNada Dance Theatre, for their new production, TORO, which I also designed. As we enter in to the last leg of the tour this week we are celebrating a host of good reviews (see below). In the middle of this I have been  designing for the wonderful Feet off the Ground in York, for their work 'Eter' currently touring the midlands. I also did a small solo performance, Human Flight as part of their last show, which was a joy and might just be the start of a new project... 

Post-DeNada tour I will be back to Salzburg to work once again with SEAD before taking my light designer self to the New Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnus, Lithuania, with the wonderful Ieva Kuniskis and her work They Live Next Door. Later in May I will be giving choreographic workshops to NSCD's postgraduate company, Verve, and will be working with Utopia Theatre company as associate artist (movement and light) on the development of their play Iyalode of Eti. I will be ending the month in South Korea, with Sita Ostheimer's beautiful duet Chasm before joining her in Germany (Folkwang University) and Crystal Zillwood in the UK to make brand new lighting designs for brand new and exciting works by these glorious humans. 

Summer comes with four new choreographic commissions this year, starting off with TRAK Dance Ensemble in Austria and followed Dantzaz company in Spain. The others are to be announced soon!

The most important news is that I have taken to instagram (finally): https://www.instagram.com/booth_dance_and_lighting/ . Follow me with wonder as I desperately and slowly work out how it works. 

Please enjoy this beautiful picture by Emma Kauldher, of Emma Walker under my lights in Carlos Pons Guerra's TORO. Look at DeNada's website for our final tour dates in Surrey, London and Derby this week. 

"Guerra’s vision is clearly captured by Barnaby Booth’s superb lighting design, vital to the fantastical, moody, filmic richness of the work and an integral collaborator in the telling of this tale."

                                                                                              Stephanie Brown for thewonderfulworldofdance.com



A bunch of choreographic projects this summer to get excited about. First. I will be making a work with TRAK dance ensemble, a professional company based in Salzburg, Austria, led by Hector Palacios and Stella Blanc (pictured here). I've been in and out of Salzburg the past few months doing R&D with some of the company, with the premier being October this year. The spirit of these dancers makes them a huge joy to be in the studio with and I couldn't think of a better focus as the weather warms. Much much more information to come over the coming months!

Catch Verve On Tour

In January this year I was lucky enough to collaborate once again with Sita Ostheimer, this time designing the lighting for her thumping new work on this year's Verve the postgraduate company at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, brilliantly named Nobody 'Cept You. It's always fantastic to be back at NSCD, one of the places that feels most like home to me and having slyly watched some of the other works in this years Verve rep in rehearsal, I can assure you that it is worth a look. Tour dates are here: http://www.nscd.ac.uk/verve/tour-dates/ 

Picture is by Ben Harris of Alethia Antonia. More pictures to come!

New Year. More Dance

Time to wake up from a long winter's nap!

It's the support of my family and friends that allows me to do what I love: roll around in all the brilliance of the company of my collaborators, make new things and celebrate life and then call it my job. Thank you to everyone who has stood by me in all my ups and down.

In the new year I shall be lighting and creating in Amsterdam, Kassel, Berlin, San Sebastian, Italy, Lithuania, Ireland and Austria as well as in a whole load of places up and down the UK. As a designer, I will be returning to work with some of my well established collaborators and also some new ones. My existing choreographic works 
We Do This We Don't Talk (having just completed it's successful German tour) and Loyal Prophets to an Indifferent God will continue to be performed around and about and January happens to be starting off with R&D sessions for a couple of new, highly portable works. I have two new exciting  commissions commencing in the spring in Spain and Austria, and will start work as an associate artist of Utopia Theatre Company, which I am thrilled about. On top of this I will be entering a new role as a curator at a venue in London. More information to follow on this soon. In the meantime, get your tickets for Resolution! 

Photo of Tiia Ojala by Richard Beukelaar at FLUX 5 by Circle Dance, in Rotterdam.


Get 'em here: https://www.theplace.org.uk/whats-on/toby-barnaby-booth-ellaco


The world held its breath for long enough, but we can now happily announce that tickets are available to buy (that's right, yours forever) for our performance of Loyal Prophets to an Indifferent God as part of Resolution festival at The Place in London, on the 13th Jan. Tickets available from the link above. Not only will it be a wonderful evening of dance shared with London companies TOBY and ella&co, we will also cry if you don't come, so you have to.

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